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Village Property tax payment options

Village tax bills are due without penalty by July 21st. Penalties apply after that date, through October 31st, as noted on your bill.

Payment can be made in several ways:

• Through an escrow account set up with your Mortgage lender
• Personal check, bank check, money order, and/or cash.
• Electronic Checks – Flat fee of $1.75 w/ATM Verify Verification Services
• Credit cards (Amex, Master Card/Visa/Discover); there is a convenience fee (2.45% of the total for credit cards with a minimum fee of $1.95, whichever is greater). *
• Visa Debit cards are accepted for a flat fee $3.95.*

*Convenience fees are paid directly to the to the credit card company. This fee is not included in the tax dollars paid to the Village.

Credit card payments may be made directly from this website.

Payments can be made Mondays through Fridays, between 9:00 am – 4:00 P.M. at Village Hall, 100 Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY 10970.

On November 1st unpaid taxes are re-levied with the Rockland County Commissioner of Finance and payments can no longer be accepted online or at Village Hall after this date.

Mail payments to:

Village of Pomona, 100 Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY 10970

Please contact us for additional information or questions: Monday-Friday, 9:00 – 4:00 P.M. at (845) 354-0545.

Lisa Thorsen, Village Clerk
Receiver of Taxes


Webex Meeting number: 126 048 5272 pass: 10970

Join by phone: 408 418 9388 access code: 1260485272

Meeting Audio Recording


Webex Meeting number: 126 788 0791 pass: 10970

Join by phone: 408 418 9388 access code: 1267880791

Meeting Audio Recording

Sighting of Bears and Coyotes in the Village.

Due to an increasing number of calls and emails with concerns about local wild life (specifically bears), I am attaching some information sheets from the N.Y. State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC). The link for their website is There is a Search tab on the far right where you can type in your topic; bears, coyotes, snakes, etc.

Please note the Ramapo Police Department and the NYSDEC limit what action can be taken with respect to bears. Unless there is unusual or aggressive behavior, not much can be done. Remember, the main thing bears are looking for is food. Bring your garbage cans in. Spraying the outside of garbage cans with bleach or ammonia will deter them. If you have bird feeders, this will attract them as well. Generally the bears will not bother you and will run away if you make a loud noise. Be cautious if there are cubs with a mother. In these instances if a mother bear feels her cubs are threatened she may become more aggressive. If you can put your garbage out early on the day of collection, it will help limit your garbage being ravaged.

Coyotes present a danger for small pets and small children. Do not leave your children or pets unattended.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING Monday, May 11, 2020 8:00PM
Webex Meeting number: 627 374 838 Password: 10970

Join by phone 408-418-9388 Access code: 627 374 838

Meeting Audio Recording

Village of Pomona adopted budget 2020/21

The budget for 2020/21 was approved and adopted 4-1 at the last board meeting on Thursday April 30, 2020 (audio link for the Meeting Audio Recording) Attached is a copy of the resolution and budget schedule 1 which was approved.

Sorry for the confusion as finally a blast from Village Hall was sent out for tonights meeting so we are sharing it with the residents and the meeting will be with the Zoom option:
Meeting ID: 363 577 2577
Password: 10970

Information UPDATE about the Thursday 4/30/2020 Board Meeting

The go to webinar to adopt the 2020/2021 budget will be on Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 8:00pm. To join the webinar go to

Per the Village Clerk the internet connection was not working properly today that being said the Webinar link may have issues for tonight’s meeting, in the event there are connection issues with the webinar meeting we have setup an alternative Zoom meeting with the link attached below
Meeting ID: 363 577 2577
Password: 10970

All residents are encouraged to join this meeting (see link above).

As of this moment the Budget reflecting the changes by board resolution 4-1 from Monday 4/20/2020 Public hearing was not provided to the trustees.

To our knowledge the budget has not yet been provided to the residents via email blast.

Trustee update about the budget 2020/21

The trustees listened to the residents concerns about having to cope with the impact on their lives in the financial downturn due to COVID19 and made a resolution during the last public hearing of the budget that no salaries will be raised in this years budget. The trustee made a motion to reverse the proposed increases to the salaries which Mayor Banks increased in his tentative budget by 70% for at least one of the salaries.

Trustees also included in the motion a reduction to their compensation of 10% for the next year. The 10% cut will be returned to the village budget. The Trustees encouraged all officials and employees to do the same.

The village clerk spoke up and agreed to a 5% cut to her salary.

In addition, the Village Board attorney recently agreed to do something similar. After being asked by the Treasurer, he agreed to a 5% cut retroactively for all he is owed from August 2019 through Jan 2020 if Mayor Banks will finally release the checks already approved by Friday April 24 2020. This would have been a nice savings for the residents. However, Mayor Banks has not indicated yet he will make any payment which is sad for Pomona residents since in the end he will get paid after the judge sees the article 78 the trustees filed against the mayor for trying to deprive them from legal  counsel, and it will be at a much higher cost.

We also are still waiting for the updated budget and the past 2 months of treasurer report which we asked the mayor and the treasurer multiple times to provide us but so far we have been unsuccessful.

Therefore, we can not review and understand it before the upcoming board meeting on Monday evening 8pm when we will need to vote on it.


Audio of the Emergency Village Board meeting

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Trustees emergency Meeting will be held by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Pomona on Wednesday , March 18, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at Pomona Village Hall 100 Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY 10970.

Village Election Postponed Until September 15, 2020. In an effort to keep New Yorkers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued an executive order delaying village elections statewide

March 11, 2020 Board of Trustees workshop meeting – 8:00 pm at Village Hall

Highlights of Monday Night Feb 10, 2020 workshop meeting.

The Board updated the residents regarding roads that were “paved” last summer. Many residents continue to agree with the majority of the Board’s position that the job was poorly executed. The Board is trying to get a specialist to determine what can be done to fix the problem.

The Board questioned if the 2 new approved roads were put on the schedule for paving (Tulip and Chestnut). Hopefully they will be paved this spring season without delay.

The Board is proud to present the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Local Law Public Hearing at the upcoming board meeting on February 24, 2020. We hope all of our residents will support the Village of Pomona going GREEN!

The Board approved the bid for a new park playground at the Van Den Hende park. The board discussed the contract for equipment and when the village engineer believes the work can start. The board hopes to see all kids of the village of Pomona enjoy the new playground addition this summer.

The Board discussed the possibility of a Budget Committee, and agreed with the Mayor that he should first present a tentative budget, and then the Board will review and discuss if changes are needed to benefit all Village residents.

The Board questioned if we can get more funding for our historical building at the Cultural Center in order to fix the issues on the lower level. The Board is working with the Mayor and hope they can get out the survey regarding recreational activities and the activities at the Cultural Center.

Looking forward to an Amazing Summer!!